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International Tequila Seminar

The International Tequila Seminar took place in Guadalajara, Mexico from December 1st to December 3th of 2010 along with The FIL (International Book Fair). It was organized by the University of Guadalajara and one of points that were discussed was tequila regions or “Terroirs”. The term is…

Future of Agave Price (Tequila Price)

There are some predictions about a future agave shortage. Agave has suffered shortages during the last century that have produced increases in Tequila prices, the last one being in 1999 -2004 when agave prices increased 400%. I was in Miami when this happened. I was quoting…

Tequilero’s Day

Once a Year all Tequila distilleries owners celebrate the “Tequilero’s Day” in an exclusive dinner sponsored by the National Tequila Chamber.