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My name is Juan Francisco Collado, my family is From Guadalajara and my wife’s family from the Jalisco Highlands. Since my childhood I have been in close contact with the real Tequila culture and Mexican traditions. As business man for 15 years I have worked in USA spirit’s markets, and traveled to Asia and Europe promoting and educating about Tequila.

Born in Mexico, living in the heart of  the Tequila region and having the opportunity to  live  in USA, learning how the markets work and how Tequila’s culture is perceived among American aficionados and professionals, I understand the connection between both cultures.

Tequila Professionals is a website created for aficionados that wish to become real professionals in Tequila, and professionals who wish to share their knowledge. Several topics and interviews will be posted in this blog, they will show the real Tequila culture and who is behind the brands that regular public see all time in stores and shelves.

I welcome you to be part of Tequila culture, and with the time, earn  the right to become a  real “Tequila Professional.”

Some personalities involved or promoting  Tequila Culture

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