Tequila Basics: What is Tequila?


There are some basic things you should know about Tequila if you want to become a professional, in this post we’ll cover the first of many topics that are key for you education as a “Tequila Professional”:
What is Tequila?

According to the Consejo Regulador de Tequila (CRT), Tequila is: an alcoholic beverage obtained through the process of distillation and fermentation of the juices obtained from the material extracted from the Agave of the Blue Weber variety, as long it’s located in the geographic territory stated in the Declaration by the CRT, and fulfills the conditions established by the mexican norm NOM-006-SCFI-2005.

Tequila is a liquid that, according to its class, has no color or is slightly colored. Tequila can be flavored or colored, with substances allowed by the Mexican Health Department, to enhance its color, smell or flavor.

The name “Tequila” was adopted after the region where it originated almost two centuries ago. Tequila can be of two different categories: Tequila and 100% de Agave.

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