Distintivo “T”

The “Distintivo Tequila” or ” Distintivo T ” was born in 2003  to promote the authentic Tequila Culture and to protect the Origin Denomination which is part of Mexico’s heritage.

The  “Distintivo T” is a recognition of high prestige created by the “Consejo Regulador del Tequila” (CRT) and the “National Industry Tequila Chamber” (CNIT) that is granted to hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, distributors and retailers, among others, that once fulfilled the established requirements, can obtain this recognition and distinctive symbol.

The “Distintivo T” has next main objectives:

  1. To protect the Tequila Origin Denomination
  2. To promote the authentic Tequila Culture in restaurants, bars, truism schools etc. . To national and international level.
  3. To preserve the authenticity of the product and to avoid it’s adulteration.
  4. To protect consumer’s health against adulteration beverages and pseudo-tequilas.
  5. To enforce the law to break the empty containers
  6. To promote authentic certificated Tequila brands.


  • For Restaurants & Bars:
    1. To promote and bring awareness to establishments that were awarded with the “Distintivo T” as trusty and confident places where people can taste authentic Tequila and where the personnel is versatile about Tequila and its culture.
    2. To show in it’s menus & promotional pamphlets the figure of  “Distintivo T” as symbol of  quality and commitment.
    3. Application of systems of control and service quality.
  • For the personnel:
    1. Personnel gets a full education about Tequila Culture, Tequila Tasting and customer service, so sales are proved to increase.
    2. Each attendant to course gets a diploma certificated by the CRT.
  • For consumer:
    1. Consumption of authentic and certificated brands is promoted .
    2. Protection of consumer’s health is reinforced before adulterated beverages or fake Tequilas.
    3. Excellence in service and confidence is obtained when Tequila is served.
    4. Knowledge about Tequila is obtained trough the establishment’s personnel.

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