Tequilero’s Day

Once a Year all Tequila distilleries owners celebrate the “Tequilero’s Day” in an exclusive dinner sponsored by the National Tequila Chamber.

To commemorate the Mexican Independence Bicentennial, President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon asked 15 of the more ancient distilleries to participate in the project of blending their tequila on equal proportions to produce a new Tequila brand named “DOS SIGLOS”. Among the distilleries participating in this project are: Cuervo, Sauza, Orendain, Herradura, San Matías, El Viejito, Arete, among others. They donated their Tequila to produce “Dos Siglos”. 3000 cases will be produced and only some of them will be released to the market, it will not be sold out of Mexico, so it will become a nice jewel for collectors.

If you are interested in acquiring some of this bottles, please contact us, we will follow up with the release of this brand.  contact@tequilaprofessional.com

The new Tequila was announced to media during the celebration of the 2010 “Dia del Tequilero” in an online casino dinner.

“Dos Siglos” tequila was released under Cuervo’s NOM, each bottle is numbered, only presentation is 750ml and in 2 types: Blanco and Reposado. Blanco taste is smooth, floral, sweet in resemblance more towards agave grown in los Altos de Jalisco. Reposado taste is sweet, nutty, with vanilla sparks and very well balanced

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